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Added individual-of-origin information for placenta.

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......@@ -10,4 +10,8 @@ by [Lun _et al._ (2018)](
The `` file contains 10X count matrices from 6 runs of placental tissue from [Vento-Tormo _et al._ (2018)](
Note that 5 placentas were obtained in the study but one sample was run on the 10X machine twice.
Inside the zip file, each subdirectory contains a count matrix for one run prior to any CellRanger cell calling.
These were provided by Tomas Gomes (Teichmann group).
The `cell_origin.csv` file contains the individual of origin corresponding to each droplet.
These were identified from SNPs in the transcriptome, by matching the alleles to either the fetus or mother.
All files were provided by Tomas Gomes (Teichmann group).
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